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A Tribute To Queen

1st Place Overall
Senior Musical Theater

Mandy Brown

Vocal Instructor

Come join the AWARD winning competitive vocal teams at Sharper Image!  These teams have won numerous Platinum, High Gold, and Overall Awards at Competition. Teams have consistently placed in Top 5 Overalls and have won Staging Awards and the Overall Broadway Star at Access Broadway in 2021!



Beginner class is a 45 minute class weekly, open to ages 7 & up for NON COMPETITIVE students who want to learn more about music, singing, and performing. This class will offer basic vocal techniques, breathing exercises and proper posture, basic music theory and vocabulary, and will explore various

music styles and genres through games exercises, and class performances. This group will perform in the end of year recital!

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This class is a 45 minute weekly class for students wanting to COMPETE. It is open to students ages 9-13 or by teacher recommendation. This class focuses primarily on competition pieces, but also teaches vocal techniques through vocal and breathing exercises and builds upon music theory knowledge and

vocabulary. Students in this class will compete in spring competitions and in the Winter Showcase and Spring Recital.


This class is structured much like the intermediate class, but is open to COMPETITIVE students ages 14 & up or by teacher recommendation.

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Retro Microphone


Open to competitive and non competitive students

*30 minute lessons focus on technique, breathing, posture, and performing

*help with musical selections

*ages 7 & up or by teacher recommendation

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