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Class Schedule

Make sure to review the fall schedule and class placement.  Remember to download the registration form.  If you have any questions regarding student placement, feel free to contact us!


This class is offered to our youngest dancer the 3 year old.  The emphasis is FUN and the focus is placed on early physical and social development.  The core of these classes is gross motor skill development and coordination such as jumping, hopping and skipping as well as spatial awareness.  Incorporated are social skills such as taking turns and learning to cooperate in a group setting. Musical awareness and expressive movement are learned through improvisation and simple dance routines as well as creative movement and playing make believe characters.  Students MUST be potty trained.


IStudents learn the basics of rhythm and enjoyment of creative dance movement through Ballet and Tap.  In addition, emphasis on developing self-confidence, poise, balance, coordination and social skills are stressed.  Correct dance terminology is taught as the students learn technique.  Memorization skills are developed through learning simple dance routines.  These classes are offered to the Pre-Kindergarten students.




These classes are designed for students with little dance experience who show an interest in dance, but have not yet developed a serious interest in a particular dance form.  These classes combine dance forms to build a knowledge of each as they move into our more intensive levels of Ballet and Tap.  As we refine the basics of technique, we stress memorization of skills and terminology in each dance form.  Routines will be taught in Ballet and Tap.


The roots of Classical Ballet are traced back hundreds of years to France and Italy.  Since Ballet is the basis for all dance forms, all students are encouraged to take Ballet.  Our goal is to develop a disciplined dancer through barre, center floor exercises and combinations suited to age and ability while developing body strength, self assurance, poise and grace.  Ballet is required of all students desiring to participate on Dance Teams.


Starting in America in the 19th century with roots from Africa and Ireland, Tap has become increasingly popular with students of all ages.  Tap is also a great form of exercise for those with limited movement capability.  It is energetic and produces endurance, balance and stamina.  Tap has its own vocabulary and combines rhythm of footwork and clarity of sounds, patterns and progressions from the entry level to the advanced student.




Jazz roots come from Ballet and Modern.  Jazz styles change with times and are adaptable to past and current music.  Students gain flexibility, strength, balance and control of movement.  Routines are taught based on ability levels.  Ballet is recommended.


Lyrical dance emphasizes strong emotional feeling and line while telling a story.  Lyrical combines the grace of Ballet and the strength and flexibility of Jazz and Modern.  Ballet is required and Jazz is recommended.

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The first and original dance associated with hip hop is breakdance, which appeared in New York City during the early 1970s and truly became an element of hip hop as a culture.  Now there are many forms of Hip Hop such as old school, new school and freestyle.  If you want fun, an aerobic exercise and upbeat music, then Hip Hop is the class for you.


Students will only be permitted to enroll at the discretion of the instructor.  Students already on Pointe who are transferring to Sharper Image, are required to take a placement class before being permitted to continue Pointe work.


This class is open to students interested in building their creative and technical capacity as a modern/contemporary dancer. Previous experience in dance is required. Class will include a warm-up and modern dance technique exercises at the barre, across-the-floor movement, and a short combination. Dancers will learn new skills and vocabulary as well as increase and strengthen technical foundation.

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