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The Company

Sharper Image Performance Dance Studio’s Competitive
Teams are comprised of our most serious and committed
dance students.  This elite team will consist of dancers from
the young age of 8 and extend to adulthood.  Acceptance into
the competitive team is based on audition and teacher
recommendation.  Interested individuals should either call the
studio or stop by the front desk for further information.

Providing the most creative and inventive routines will
become the reality of what Sharper Image Performance Dance
Studio is known for.  The outstanding talent of our Artistic
Director and competitive team members is what makes these
routines come to life and fulfill the vision of extreme
creativeness, diversity, discovery and artistic risk.   

Sharper Image Performance Dance Studio goes beyond the
standard team mentality and inflated payment structure that
other studio’s display.  These students really care about each
other, the entire studio and celebrate not only group success
but the individual accomplishments of others within their
team and the whole studio.  As a criteria and privilege of
being selected to this team, members will have learned and
routinely demonstrate that true success is achieved with hard
work and sincere caring and respect for one another.

Inquire about our competitive team and become the performer you always dreamed of being!

Competition Informational Meeting will be held Tuesday, August 8th, from 5-6pm at the studio.

Auditions for our Competitive Dance Team will be Wednesday, August 16th from 5:00-6:30pm. This is for all new AND past students.

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