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Acro & Tumbling

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Rachel Tapley

Acro Coach


Tiny Tumbling

Crystal Lee

Acro Classes:

Acro classes are for students ages 7 & up and are structured by skills and abilities.  Acro classes are taught with a 8:1 student-teacher ratio, which provides individual instruction as well as lots of freedom for group skills.  Acro classes last 75 minutes and includes partner lifts, group stunts, intensive stretching, contortion, tumbling and spotting assistance.  There is also a strong focus on incorporating dance elements and choreography in this class.  Acro classes are divided into three levels that include a variety of skills.

Beginning Acro
(Required Skills)

*No previous skills required for this class.

Focus for this class will be: splits, headstands, basic body positions, bridge & beck bend variations, beginning roll variations, beginning partner work, stunting fundamentals and more!

Intermediate Acro
(Required Skills)



*Back Bend

*Stand from Back Bend

*Single-leg body balance poses

*Acro skill combos (2 to 3 skills)

*Partner & group lift fundamentals

The focus of this class will be: bridge & back bend inversions, headstand variations, intermediate roll variations, body positions connected to acro tricks, chin stands, floor work combinations, intermediate partner work, stunt combinations and more!

Advanced Acro
(Required Skills)

*Chin stand

*Elbow kickovers

*Cartwheel variations

*Handstand variations

*Headstand variations


*Single-leg poses connected to acro skill

*Acro skill combos (3+ skills)

*Partner and group lift combinations

The focus for this class will be forward & backward inversion combinations, handstand variations, twisting roll variations, chin stand variations, aerial & power skill combinations, advanced partner work, stunt combinations and more!

Aerials Class
(Required Skills)

*Cartwheel with straight legs, quick entry and strong landing

*Cartwheel from hurdle/run

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