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Registration Form

Lacing Up Shoes

Please fill out Registration Form and Waiver of Liability and bring it in to the studio.

Studio Policies

No parents will be allowed to sit in the lobby except for parents of students ages 3-6 yrs old.


There will be a parent watch week the last week of each month.  Parents are welcome in 10 minutes at the end of each class to watch what the students are learning.

Students may enter the studio 10 minutes before class.  If you need to arrange for them to be dropped off early, please notify Ms. Alyssa or the front desk.

Students ages 9 and up will be required to bring their dance bags into the dance room and rotate with them as needed.


All missed classes may be made up within one month of the missed class.  To be eligible for a make-up class, you   MUST
call or notify the office BEFORE the student’s absence.  The class must be made up in a like class.  Example: Tap made up
in Tap.

If a student has excessive missed classes, (s)he will be asked to either move to a lower level class or take Private
Lessons to stay at the same level class.  You will be charged for a Private Lesson.

If a student missed 3 consecutive classes, a 1-hour Private Lesson must be taken to stay in the same level class.  You
will be charged for a Private Lesson.

Please arrive 10-15 minutes before your scheduled class.  Students arriving after their class has begun may observe but
may not participate.  Tardiness disrupts the entire class and cannot be tolerated.

Students MUST be picked up at the scheduled time or 15 minutes after their dance lesson.  A fee of $1 a minute after the
first 15 minutes for being late will be charged to your account.

Please mark names in all dance shoes.  We are not responsible for any lost or stolen items.

No drinks or food are allowed in the studio.  Water bottles with sip tops are permissible.

Street shoes are NOT allowed on the studio floor.

Costumes are ordered in December for the Student Concert (recital).  All costumes are a “FINAL” sale.  No refunds!


Absolutely NO fast food, sodas or dinners will be allowed in the lobby.  If your student needs to eat dinner, please have them eat in the car before entering and dispose of their trash at home.

No trash should be left in the parking lot.

Parents, please pick your students up at the door.  No students are allowed into the parking lot without a chaperone.

If someone other than the designated parent will be picking up your student, please notify the front desk.

Perfect Attendance will be awarded at the end of the year.  You cannot miss more than 3 classes and they must be made

A “Late Fee” of $10.00 per week will be charged on all tuition that is considered “Late.”  Statements will be sent out about
10 days before due.  A “Late Fee” date will be posted.  Any tuition received after that date will be charged.

There will be a $35 charge for checks returned for ANY reason.

Any team member who has a “past due” tuition balance will not be allowed to participate in competitions until tuition is

Excessive or dangling jewelry and watches are not allowed in class.  They can be dangerous to other dancers.

Medium to long hair must be held securely away from face including bangs.  This includes males.  No long ponytails.  Buns are preferred
for all classes and are required for Ballet and Pointe class.

As a courtesy to the general public, outer clothing or cover-ups should be worn to and from class over dance attire.  
NEVER wear dance shoes outdoors or going to or from dance class.

Student cell phones must remain silent and not used during classes

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